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Jean-Claude Tremblay and his son Jean Tremblay
Jean-Claude Tremblay
As a young boy, Jean-Claude Tremblay, President, enjoyed fishing and dreamed about flying his own plane. He terminated his 9th grade in his hometown and then joined the Institute of Technology in Chicoutimi.
At the age of 22, he started his own business : A service station & body shop. He acquired his pilot's licence in Saint-Honoré and bought himself his first plane a Piper PA-12 in 1967.
Five years later, he started in the outfitting business and became the main shareholder in the Epinette Rouge and Homamo Club. He soon realised that the outfitting business and the flying were linked together.
So when, on the 13th of April 1980, he bought Air Saguenay, he married his taste for aviation and business by reuniting air transportation and outfitting. Still very active as the president of the company, he also looks after the administration of his companies.
His management philosophy is simple : have clean and safe planes and an outstanding service, observed schedules, and good employees. The customer is our first priority.
This man, born in Chicoutimi on the 13th of October 1941 qualifies himself as a go-getter, hard worker and a good administrator. Today, on his free times, he enjoys boating, fishing and hunting. As a hobby, he still flies a Cessna-185 and enjoys a good life with Annette, his wife and their three children : Jean, Nancy and Cynthia as well as his seven grand'kids.
Jean Tremblay
At the age of 45, Jean Tremblay is the " Vice-President of Operations " and would be the one assuring continuation of Air Saguenay for the years to come. Being himself a keen hunter and fisherman, he could not have found a better job to combined his passions. He began his career as a dockhand in 1982.
In a family own company, it was obvious that the first born of a family of one boy and two girls would hold an important part within the company in the years to come.
Aware of the offered opportunity, Jean did not waste time and gained the necessary experience in order to get the essential subtility surrounding the company's operations. He obtains a College diploma in administration and took an air traffic controller training. Then started to fill different tasks within the company in which he eventually became " Operations manager " in 1990, for the past 10 years and became Vice-President in 2000.
From the beginning, Jean Tremblay has always been very involve to ensure the smooth running of the company and was part of the negociations for the purchase of the new companies in the past years. He proudly says " Our company never stoped growing because we believed in it. " He also calls himself very proud for investing so much effort in the realization of his life plan. " It makes me feel very proud to see the company reflecting our vision. "

Michel Turcotte

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