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Robert Cavanagh
At the beginning of his career Robert Cavanagh was working in the automotive field.
He has been a mechanic, body and paint and he even owned a gas service station including a mechanic shop.
Outdoors was his life, the reason why he decided to quit the automotive field to redirect his career toward airplanes.
Qualified from the National School of Aerotechnique, he joines aviation in 1987.
In 1994 he began for Labrador Air Safari as an aircraft maintenance technician.
He was promoted Maintenance Director in 1998 when Air Saguenay purchased the Company.
His acquired experience, his taste for challenge and his determination allowed him to be compatible with his work team and his management.
Mr. Cavanagh and his team aim at the same goal : to accomplish a quality maintenance for safety in all of your flights.

Bruno Gauthier
Today Mr. Gauthier is the Shop Responsible.
He started in 1974-75 for Air Saguenay as a technician assistant with Mr. Jacques Couture, ing. who at the time became his trainer.
"In the old days, we had to learn from and listen to people with more experience".
Three years down the road and after gaining enough experience, Bruno Gauthier is recommended to exams by Mr. Couture and obtain his technician certificate.
With more than 30 years of experience, he has been in the first row witnessing of all the changes in the company.
"Lots have changed with the years.  Better technologies and work methods have appeared which greatly contributed to improve safety for the whole industry".
Strong of his 59 years, Bruno Gauthier never lost his passion for aviation.
"Everyday is different and that is what I like about this work".
He ownes his own plane, a PA-12 on floats which he flies whenever possible.  He is as motivated as he was 30 years ago.  The people he works with have a good share on his motivation.
"Everybody here has got a good heart to work and that is the success to our strength".

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